Exceptional products
for demanding environments.

Hardware • Custom Devices • Mobility • Ops Centers • Signage

Stateside Electronics supports our public and private sector customers in their efforts by providing systems-related services and TAA compliant hardware equipment that facilitates education, safety, security, and visual communications.

We depend on our customers’ success, and we look forward to supporting the success of our future customers.


Stateside Electronics has a reputation for exceptional electronics hardware that is reliable in demanding environments.

While we offer existing models that are applied in an array of uses, we specialize in hardware that is produced to meet specific requirements either directly or through our partner network. Our preference is to produce models that are TAA compliant, but we can arrange to produce open-market models if requested.

If you are looking for a quantity of LCD monitors or related hardware with specific requirements, we look foward to hearing from you.

Custom Devices

If you have an idea and budget for a device, but you are not sure how to produce it, Stateside Electronics has the experience and resources to give life to your idea. 

We manage the design and production of LCD screen-based computing devices that are intended for use in specific situations. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help.


Stateside Electronics understands the inherent characteristics of mobility devices including battery life, brightness, and degree of ruggedness. 

We produce battery-powered field LCD monitors and TV models that can be connected to various video sources or integrated with a computing device. Our models can be customized to meet specific requirements (when produced in quantity).

OPS Centers

The team at Stateside Electronics produces video wall panels and processors (controllers) for operation centers at universities, regional crime monitoring centers, and federal government agencies. 

We work closely with installers and customers to provide the optimal hardware solution combined with the most appropriate software video management solution.


Stateside Electronics understands the audio visual requirements of digital signage from menu boards to commercial TVs to interactive and directional signage. Each project is slightly unique so once we understand the specifics, we then produce the optimized LCD monitors or panel computers that will optimally work for the project.

About Us

Stateside Electronics, LLC is a U.S. based company that believes in the quality manufacturing of electronic products and related services which benefit our customers in the USA. Our company comprises a qualified staff who has a cumulative 40 years’ experience in surveillance, IT networking, audio/ visual, and telecommunication systems. 

Our successful approach is based on Lean Six Sigma principles – focusing on efficiency and effectiveness, reducing waste, and improvising processes which are applied to the services we provide and the products we produce.